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Frequently Asked Question!

What products does Eko Ceylon offer?

Eko Ceylon offers a range of organic and natural products, including spices, coconut, and wood-based products that are sourced directly from local farmers and processed using eco-friendly methods.

How can I contact Eko Ceylon’s customer service team?

Eko Ceylon’s customer service team can be contacted through their website’s contact form or by emailing Additionally, customers can contact +94 77 4 260 250 (WhatsApp). They also have a Facebook page where customers can send messages.

Does Eko Ceylon offer international shipping?

Yes, Eko Ceylon offers international shipping for its products. Customers can order products through the company’s website. However, shipping fees and delivery times may vary depending on the destination country.

Where are Eko Ceylon’s products sourced from?

Eko Ceylon sources its products directly from local farmers in Sri Lanka, who use traditional and sustainable farming practices to produce high-quality organic and natural spices and coconut-based products.

How does Eko Ceylon support local communities and farmers?

How does Eko Ceylon support local communities and farmers? Eko Ceylon supports local communities and farmers by sourcing its products directly from them and providing fair prices. Furthermore, they offer training and support to farmers to promote sustainable agriculture practices.

Can I purchase Eko Ceylon’s products in bulk?

Absolutely, Eko Ceylon offers bulk purchasing options for its products. Customers can contact the company through their website or email to inquire about bulk pricing and ordering.

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